Dear Grace

IMG_20180507_210925Dear Grace

When I left work today, I didn’t expect for one second to see you kneeling on a pavement, with your head lying on the ground. My window was open and I could hear you cry. I could not just drive by.

I pulled my car onto the curb & jumped out, only to see your mother (or whoever she is) sitting further down the stairs, shouting profanities at you. Was that why you were crying Grace? Or the fact that she left you, a tiny baby, on a sidewalk, next to a very busy road. Scared, probably hungry, alone & unloved? Was she using you for “bait” so an unsuspecting passerby (like me) would stop, feel sorry for you and give her money to care for you (but in reality fuel her next fix?)

Grace, I’m so sorry that this is the hand you have been dealt with. I’m so sorry for shouting at your mom for mistreating you. I’m so sorry that you are hungry, cold, scared and probably not loved.

When I left in a hurry and returned with necessities for you, I knelt down to talk to your mom and you crawled to me and stood up to touch me. Or maybe you just wanted to feel loved. I hope for a few seconds you did as I held your hand tightly and brushed your beautiful cheeks lightly.

I will never forget your big, beautiful brown eyes Grace. I will never forget the way you looked into my soul.

I will pray for you every day Grace.

I will go look for you tomorrow and every day thereafter to make sure you’re ok.

I hope your “mother” wraps you snuggly in your new blanket tonight, that your tummy is full and that you feel safe & loved before you drift off to sleep.

God loves you Grace.

Me too.




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