A moment of temporary insanity

On days like today, I wish I had a Go-Pro strapped to my forehead to record the absolute madness that went down in the Mall this afternoon. That way I would have proof that it actually happened otherwise NO ONE would believe this ish.

Occasionally, if and when Hubs and I both happen to get off work early on a Friday, we like to pop into a pub/restaurant close to our home to have a hour of alone time, order some take aways for the evening, have a drink and just enjoy each other’s company… You know, like normal adults before we arrive home at 5pm to let our nannies leave.

I left work this afternoon and quickly had to rush to Maerua Mall to buy some groceries, after which I would join Hubs for a drink. I rushed through the shop and ended up with a trolley full of groceries (as us women do when we go grocery shopping without a list), paid and rushed out the shop again.

I get to the elevator, wait for the doors to open, push my full trolley all the way into the elevator only to realise that I haven’t paid for my parking yet. So I… wait for it… leave the damn trolley in the elevator and walk out to the parking meter to pay for my parking. As I popped my parking ticket into the slot, I turn cold as I hear the elevator doors close behind me, only to turn around and watch my trolley full of groceries go up, up & away. What in the actual fudge was I thinking?! That my trolley would just magically follow me out of the elevator like an obedient dog?

And so the chaos began… I immediately freaked out, rushed towards the stairs opposite the elevators and ran like I was a fat kid chasing the ice cream truck. Now if you know me, you’ll know these 2 things about me:

1. I HATE stairs
2. I don’t run. Like ever.

Anyway, so I run up to the first floor only to see nothing. I run up another floor only to get to an elevator whose doors closed on me again. I run down to the first floor again only to see my precious trolley full of fine goods in an elevator full of strangers, going down again. I run down another floor and to my delight, a good samaritan who witnessed the whole thing, (and who probably thinks I am bat-shit crazy by now) removed my trolley from the lift and was standing proudly next to it like he just saved a kitten that was stuck in a tree.

You sir… you deserve a Bells.

To top it all off, I left my parking ticket in the meter and some genius chucked it away so I had to pay N$50 for a new one so I could just get the hell outta there.

What I learnt today:

1. Never go shopping when thirsty for an adult beverage… it will make you do crazy things.
2. Maybe tying my trolley to my wrist with a safety harnass is not such a bad idea.
3. Strappy Sandals are not the best running shoes.

That is all

#insaneinthemembrane #enoughalready #stop&stare


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