I can’t make this Ish up


Frustrating morning. Had some trouble getting onto our blog. One would think I would have recovered full brain function by now from full-blown pregnancy brain… but nope. Even though it’s been 2 years.  I promise myself every time that I would get a little black book to write down all my passwords. Or better yet, an app on my phone. Odds are that I’ll probably forget that password too so it’s safe to say an actual little black book would be the best option.

Moving on.

We’ve gone into bit of a crisis mode the last week or so. BOTH of our nannies are pregnant. BOTH. We’ve known for quite some time now that Nanny 2 is around 4 months pregnant. Nanny 1 only notified me last Saturday via SMS (not even joking) that she is already 6 months pregnant! And that she’s known for 4 months. What the actual!?

So this means, that Nanny 1 will go on maternity leave from 1 Sept and will return to work on 1 Dec and Nanny 2 will go on maternity leave from 1 Dec to end Feb 2019. In the meantime we’ve had to make alternate arrangements with regards to childcare, finances etc.
Here’s the problem though, or at least one of them: Nanny 2 will basically be taking care of the very busy Trips for 3 months by herself whilst also being pregnant herself. Look, I know that most women carry pregnancy like rock stars, there are however some women who basically look and act like they’re actually dying and not just pregnant. Nanny 2 is the latter. It’s not fair of us to expect her to literally carry the full weight of her pregnancy and the responsibility of caring for the Trips who are now VERY busy.

Problem 2 is that Nanny 1 will return from maternity leave on 1 Dec, most probably exhausted as most new moms are. She will also have to find alternative childcare for her baby as she cannot possibly take care of the once again VERY busy Triplets and a newborn baby. And frankly, I won’t allow it. She will only be back at work for a week or so, then she’s off on annual leave any way.

As you can imagine, this puts us in a VERY difficult situation with regards to childcare. Not just childcare, but our finances too. We’re already cutting it very close budget wise with me not having an income at the moment.
Hubs and I have discussed putting the Trips into a daycare full time from January 2019 for quite some time now (before we knew about the pregnancies). We also feel that the Trips are just not getting enough stimulation/education at home from our Nannies. This meant that we would have to retrench the nannies at the end of December 2018. These back to back pregnancies have thrown a hypothetical spanner into the works as we are not allowed (by law) to start the retrenchment period whilst they are still pregnant as it would be grounds for unfair dismissal/retrenchment. Also, we want to do what is right by them as well.

We’ve now resulted in having to enroll the trips into full daycare from 01 November already, whilst reducing Nanny 2’s working hours & salary for Nov as she will then be 8,5 months pregnant. The Trips will be at the daycare anyway and she will assist our domestic in light cleaning and ironing only. This still means that we have to pay her salary plus over N$8000 in daycare fees. According to law, we may only retrench the nannies once their maternity leave is over and they have been given at least 4 weeks’ notice plus a decent severance package.

While we adore our nannies and we’re so happy for them with regards to their pregnancies, it has made our lives a little bit harder for the next couple of months.

Rant over.

Just as with everything in life, this too shall pass. Chop-chop



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