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You know when your tired is tired?  When someone tells you, wait for it…. “You look tired”.

No idiot..  This is just my face.


When your manager tells you he thinks you need to take a few days off to rest, then you know this is next-level tired.

So that’s what I did. I took 3 days leave last week from Wednesday to Friday.  To “rest”.  Even though I did not do much “resting”, I do however feel refreshed.

I had a couple of naps, although… you can only listen to your toddlers screaming outside of your closed bedroom door for that long until you eventually open it and let the chaos in.  I got my hair done for the first time in months;  I took Teenager Girl Child out for lunch which was closely followed by a wallet-destruction of note at 2 of her favourite stores at the mall (No more wine for mommy for the rest of the month – Thanks babygirl):  I got a pedicure, cause let’s face it… my feet closely resembled the Fish River Canyon in November (I have no shame, I know);  I got my eyebrows done (aint nobody got time for messy brows);  I shaved my legs (How has not shaving become such a thing since the Triplets?) and I watched a few episodes of my favourite series, in my bed, stuffing my face with chips & dip.  It was fabulous really.

Adulting and motherhood is hard.  It is absolutely necessary to take some time for yourself to do the little things you don’t normally get around to do, if that means taking actual leave from work to do it… then that’s what you do.  You really can’t pour from an empty cup.

Did I rest enough and do everything I wanted to do?  Not really, as being at home while the kids are there kind of defeats the purpose, but it’s the only option I had for now.  Our kids are growing like nobody’s business, doing something new every day… before we know it they’ll be walking and talking and Hubs and I will get some well-deserved time off with the kids, and without.

I am rested.  Time to refocus.

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Slow down..

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My Preemie Journey

Party dae verstaan ek dit nie. En weet dat ek sê “My” Preemie Journey want dis hoe EK dit ervaar het. Nie my man nie, nie ons tiener dogter nie en nie ons families nie.


Dit was rof. Dit was beautiful. Dit was angswekkend. Dit was amazing. Dit was hartseer. Dit was exciting op die goeie dae. En verpletterend op meeste dae.

Ek het elke oggend opgestaan met ‘n sop-nat feeding bra.

En daar was geen babas om te “feed” nie.

Geen babas om verligting te bring nie, want al 3 was in die hospitaal. So het ek pligsgetrou elke 3 uur, elke nag, opgestaan om melk uit te pomp vir 3 maande.

As daar iets is wat jou siel ruk, is dit om 3am soggens na fototjies van jou broeikassie babas op jou foon te kyk, net sodat “jou melk kan in kom”.

Nadat ons laaste baba na 3 maande uit NICU ontslaan is, het en wou ek hulle met my lewe beskerm. Ek het vir al ons familie en vriende laat weet: “Jammer, ons kan ongelukkig geen besoekers ontvang nie”. Ons het hierdie 3 mensies met ons lewens beskerm. Ons hele huis het vol Anti-Bac gel gestaan om elke hoek en draai.

Sommiges het verstaan en ander was net pleinweg assholes. Want hulle het nie geweet nie. Hulle het GEEN.BENUL.GEHAD.NIE. Ons grootste baba was so groot soos ‘n DSTV remote toe hy ontslaan is.

Ek dink terug aan die tyd nadat my ouboet en sy vrou vir die eerste keer kom hallo sê het. Het soveel liefde vir hulle bloot oor die feit dat hulle ons wense respekteer het. Hulle het ‘n hele tydjie na hul eerste besoek openlik aan my erken dat hulle direk na die eerste besoek aan mekaar gesê het: “Ek dink nie hy gaan dit maak nie”. Spesifiek oor ons eersgeborene wat 850gr met geboorte geweeg het en wat vir 91 dae in NICU was met soveel gesondheids probleme. Hy was vir die eerste 4,5 maande van sy lewe so geel soos borrie a.g.v die CMV virus. Nietemin het hulle opgedaag vir hul eerste besoek met ‘n boks vol mediese gesig maskers. Nou as dit nie 110% support is nie… dan weet ek nie.

Lang storie kort en die punt van hierdie post is dit… Ouers met Preemie babas… beskerm hulle. Vir so lank as moontlik. Hulle is doodeenvoudig nie reg vir ons grootmens dinge nie. Hulle is nie reg vir uitstappies tussen klomp germ-carrying mense nie. Hulle is nie reg vir swem nie. Hulle is nie reg vir loopringe en jolly-jumpers en openbare plekke en vriende se huise nie.

Ons het eers 6 maande (nadat al 3 ontslaan is) gewag voordat ons “begin lewe” het.

Dalk is dit net ek wat dit so ernstig opneem.. dalk is ek ‘n drama queen, dalk besef ek watter groot voorreg en verantwoordelikheid ons het teenoor ons kinders.

Dalk was ek net ‘n Ma.

“Slow down, just stay here for a minute”


Inspiration Tables


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I literally can’t even!

So excited! I’ve mentioned before that taking The Trips out on a weekend is sometimes a logistical nightmare. (We have to check the weather, have to check limousine, tandem pram accessibility, have to check sun vs shade, have to check time of event vs routine etc)

Nevertheless.. this is one event WE are not missing. All 6 of us and then some. Dad is visiting from down South so we’re representing with our entire team!

Brainchild of Frans van Wyk & his amazing Tamonika Events team (they did our amazeballs wedding in 2015), along with the smashing all-girls team from the ever successful Windhoek City Market.

It promises to be all things designer, one of a kind, art, eateries, drinkeries and let’s not forget the Long Table Experience!

You can buy your tickets online via http://www.today.com.na or the PayToday App or any Airtime City Kiosk. Alternatively, visit the Inspiration Tables page on http://www.inspirationtables.com (Tickets will be available at the gate too)

From 15 – 16 September at the Windhoek Showgrounds.

#B6 will be making a cameo appearance on Saturday from 10am.

I even got me a sunshine yellow top to blend in with the very fashion forward theme colour!


We made it!

cofSpring has sprung!

We made it through winter relatively unscathed.  Yay!

Besides the bad bout of flu our entire family started winter out with, we managed to stay relatively healthy.  I am pretty sure it’s all thanks to my friends Vidaylin, Zinplex & Scott’s Emulsion.

Before winter, our trips only got 0.6ml Vidaylin per day, but following that nasty bout of flu we  chatted with our AMAZING Paediatrician and she prescribed 2,5ml Zinplex; 2,5ml Scott’s and 0,6ml Vidaylin per day.  It has literally saved us.

As a preemie parent, you are constantly worried about germs, infections, immunisations etc. Another biggie for preemies and they’re parents during winter is the dreaded Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).  It can be pretty common in children under the age of 2, but can be fatal for preemies.

Since the last Trip was discharged in October 2016, we’ve basically been holding our breaths for their first winter – anxiously monitoring every snotty nose, cough or fever; freaking out about mostly nothing (thank goodness it was nothing) and basically having our Paed on speed dial.  A huge help has also been the Synagis injection that they’ve been getting every month for the last 6 months… their last one due this coming week. (Note:  Synagis contains virus-fighting antibodies that can help protect high-risk infants from severe RSV disease)

Wait for it…  Costing a whopping N$14,181.87 per injection, per child, per month (Crazy, I know).  Thankfully… we have our fantastic medical aid, NHP, who has stood beside us since day one of our preemie Triplet journey, who has covered the cost of each and every injection.

Furthermore we tried not to go out too much with the Trips during winter as well… mainly due to the cold weather, the risk of getting sick and logistics.  So happy that it has paid off.  It’s all about sacrifices and priorities right?

Needless to say, in true Basson fashion (with the help of my friend Murphy of course), we did however graciously welcome spring with a lovely bout of stomach flu this past weekend… Luckily just myself and one of the Trips.

It. Was. Horrible.

On the upside… I’m just 2 tummy bugs away from my Summa Body

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The madness that is bath time

My favourite part of the day has to be going home after a long day at work (around 17:00), walking through the door and smooching our kids. Those little smiling faces, chubby little cheeks & elated shrieks just brighten up my day.  We cuddle & play for around 15 minutes, after which I start making dinner (around 17:15) The Hubs tries to keep the kids entertained while I muck about in the kitchen.  One baby starts crying… time for a snack to keep them happy (and mommy sane).

Daddy starts feeding the Trips at around 17:30, dinner is done at around 18:00. Followed by another couple of minutes of playing & smooching & cuddling & laughing.

Then it begins… while I adore bathing each little munchkin separately, it does take a whole lot of patience, energy & time.


Get 3 sets of clothes, vests & diapers out.

Get towels out & place them in the bathroom.

Start running bath water.

Run back to close the safety gate so they can’t get into the bathroom until it’s their turn.

Run back to the bathroom. (Who am I kidding… I don’t run)


Open safety gate, pick a baby, close safety gate… listen to other babies cry because they weren’t “the chosen one”

Take Trip 1 to their room (I alternate them every night), undress, chuck dirty nappy into bin, carry baby to bathroom.

Put baby in bath, start washing their body, rinsing, tickling…. What is that noise? Peek around the corner only to see “the others” ramming the safety gate to get to the bathroom.  I chuckle to myself… winning!

Get back to washing Trip 1. Get towel. Take bath toy from Trip 1.  Que tears & sobs.  Console Trip 1.

Go back to room & dry Trip 1 off. Lather with cream, smush with some powder, nappy on… Wait… who is crying?? Pick up Trip 1 half-naked, go to living room… It was Trip 3, she fell over.  Nothing broken and no blood.  Go back to room and continue to dress Trip 1.

Ahh… Trip 1 done. (Only 1? Feels like I’ve been doing this for an hour!) Climb over safety gate as Trip 2 & 3 decided that they will hang onto that damn gate until it’s their turn.  Put Trip one down on the play mat not making eye contact and turning around swiftly.  Again… que crying and tears.


Take Trip 2, climb over safety gate as Trip 3 is still clinging onto that damn gate for dear life. And has somehow managed to get stuck in it. Once again, nothing broken, no blood… I just keep walking (you gotta pick your battles ya know).

Take Trip 2 to their room, undress, chuck dirty nappy into bin, carry baby to bathroom.

Put baby in bath, start washing their body, rinsing, tickling and playing. Get towel. Take bath toy from Trip 2.  Que tears & sobs.  Console Trip 2 and listen to “the others” signing the song of their people.  Walk out of bathroom and peek into lounge.  Nothing broken, no blood… keep on walking.

Go back to room & dry Trip 2 off. Lather with cream, smush with some powder, nappy on… vest?  Damnit!  Where is the vest? Bend down to get a vest from the drawer and get back up just in time to stop Trip 2 from falling from a dizzy height.  Phew!!  That was close.

Ahh… Trip 2 done. (I’m dying… when is it over?!) Climb over safety gate as Trip 3 has now permanently leased the spot right in front of the safety gate due to being stuck in it.  Put Trip 2 down on the play mat, not making eye contact and turn around swiftly.  I walk away slowly.

Whaaaaaat? No crying?  Yay me!


Carefully dislodge Trip 3 form the gate, open safety gate and walk through it… like normal people do. Take Trip 3 to their room, undress, chuck dirty nappy into bin, carry baby to bathroom.

Put baby in bath, start washing their body, rinsing, tickling and playing. Get towel. Take bath toy from Trip 3.  Que screaming. The bath was obvs way too short to their liking.  Console Trip 3.

Walk out of bathroom and peek into lounge… Trip 1 & 2 playing peacefully.  Ahh…. Cutest nunu’s

Go back to room & dry Trip 3 off. Lather with cream, smush with some powder, nappy on… now for the least favourite part… getting Trips 3’s clothes on.  I can confidently say that I have mastered the art of dressing an acrobatic toddler.  Once again… winning!


Trip 3… done! That wasn’t so bad!  Lucky for me, I get to do it again tomorrow night!


All things Birthday

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When I imagined myself having kids “one day”, never did I imagine that I would have FOUR kids and never did I imagine that their birthdays would be one after the other.

Nevertheless, it was the most special 2 days (which was closely followed by our wedding anniversary and my birthday). My mom came to visit; we had loads of family come over for cake etc.  They got so much love from all of our families, friends & acquaintances that I am still humbled.

We decided not to have a birthday party for the trips as it just didn’t make financial sense (even though I managed to spend a small fortune on all the things). They are still so small and none the wiser. When they woke up on the morning of their birthday, the house was scattered with balloons and their presents were ready to be opened.  They seemed rather confused but enjoyed it nonetheless.

So along with celebrating this huge milestone, I decided that I would take the trips back to Rhino Park Private Hospital NICU, where our triplet journey began. I truly wanted to share this day with the nurses and doctors that we basically owe our & their lives to.  What a special moment it was… tears and laughter all around.  The hospital even shared our visit on their Facebook page.  What was even more special was the fact that they called the Trips “Our Basson Triplets” (swoon).  Our family at Rhino Park will ALWAYS hold a very special place in my heart.  I plan to take the Trips to the NICU every year on their birthday.

After a fun filled day with the munchkins, this here tired Mommy geared up for the next birthday… our precious Teenager Girl Child turned 14! Also no party, but then again… a party (if you take all costs into consideration like snack packs, dinner with friends, gifts, cake).  Instead of sending cake to school with her on the day, we ordered gourmet snack packs from my fabulous cheffy friend Angela from Primangela Catering.  Once again, I managed to resume my title as “Mother of the Year” as Teenager and all of her friends LOVED it.  Teenager then proceeded to go out for dinner with a couple of her closest friends.  Had a little bit of a cake emergency as the cake we ordered for her dinner with her friends, ended up a little damaged during transport.  I managed to save the day by making a mad dash to the closest supermarket & spruced it up some… once again… Yay me!

To end off birthday week, we had a cake smash & family photo session with the amazing Nasche Dresselhaus from NascheD Photography. Super talented and so funny! Just love her work ethic too. What a mission it was to get 7 people (and 3 of them can’t dress themselves) out of the house by 09:00… but we did it.  The shoot lasted about 2 hours, by the end of which the trips were exhausted and dosed off in the car on the way home.  (#winning)

Needless to say, by the time my birthday came around 2 weeks later, everyone was “birthday’d” (I know that’s not an actual word) out and it was just another day… nothing special. To be honest, I think that’s how I will prefer it the next couple of years too.

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Monday Bloody Monday

I hate Mondays.


I hate the fact that I have to put on proper clothes.  I hate that I have to put on make-up.  I hate that I have to deal with people.  (Note:  I am only a Negative Nancy on Mondays… by Tuesday I love life again)

I’d much rather just stay at home with my babies, mission around in pyjamas all day and cuddle and love the actual poo out of them.

Reality check:  We just can’t afford me not working.

It’s actually quite ironic.  Before I had the triplets, I actually wanted to become really successful in my role as a consultant.  Now I just want to be a mom.  I want to do fun stuff with my kids, drive Teenager Girl Child around, help her with homework (even though I am not smarter than a 5th Grader), go on outings, have playdates etc…  You know, fun stuff.  Then I realise, if I had to become a stay-at-home mom, it would mean that we’d have to let our nannies and domestic go as I would be there to do it.  Right?


Not this here woman.  I am not a domestic goddess, even though I think I am.  I LOVE cooking, yet the cleaning up part is what gets me really gloomy.  I love doing laundry & hanging the washing up, but I can’t stand taking it off or ironing.  I love our house clean & tidy, yet actual housework turns me into a rage-cleaner, and you don’t want that, do you?  So, back to work I go… goals & ambitions intact.

Monday mornings are normally chaotic in our household.  Nannies are mostly late on Mondays; Teenagers’ uniform needs to be ironed; Hubs is looking for the “but I left it right there” document; my good pair of work pants is nowhere to be found; Trip 3 threw up on my black, suede pumps…  madness.  Total and utter madness.

So, to try and make Monday easier on myself and everyone around me, I decided to prepare better for it. Last night I got all the Trips things ready (vitamins, formula, breakfast, lunch, snacks), I sorted the laundry that I needed to put in the machine this morning, I put the stuff Teenager normally asks for on a Monday out on the dining room table, compiled the shopping list, loaded the dishwasher so I could just switch it on this morning, wrote down the to-do list for the nannies and I actually got to bed at a decent hour.

This morning I got up at 04:30 as usual, no rush, no freaking out, no frantically looking for things AND I got to work at 07:30!  That’s a new PB for me since we’ve had the Trips!

It is also the reason that I am sitting here all calm & collected, leisurely writing a blog during lunch time.  It’s fantastic really.  Roll on Tuesday!

Also…  We’re celebrating 4 birthdays this week!  FOUR! Stay tuned for all things cake, balloons & smooches

Back to Basics


I have not always been the kind of person who checks every single ingredient label on every single product I buy, but since I’ve been pregnant with the triplets, I’ve started to look at the labels on products more and more.  I am becoming more aware of what I not only put into and onto my body, but very aware of what we’re doing to the environment when we buy “plastic” products.

The amount of bad stuff we actually put into and onto our bodies is actually quite scary.

For example, did you know that 90% of commercial shampoos & skin creams contain a chemical called Sodium Lauryl?  It’s used as a lathering agent.  It’s a known skin irritant which enhances allergic reactions/responses to other toxins.

Another example…  Synthetic Fragrances.  Did you know that the word “Fragrance” on a label can indicate the presence of up to 4,000 separate ingredients and there is no way of knowing what these chemicals are!  Some problems caused by these bad C’s include headaches, rashes, vomiting etcetera.

And last but not least…. Talc.  Sounds pretty common right?  We use it in our household every day.  (Think Baby Powder) While Talc is a natural occurring mineral, some reports show it to be toxic when inhaled.  Many pediatricians now tell parents to avoid using talc on babies as it can cause respiratory distress, sometimes resulting in death.  Cray-Cray right?  And there I was, smushing the trips in baby powder every night after a lotion rub down… meanwhile I could be doing more harm than good.  Bye-bye store bought baby powder!

So while all of this information is pretty darn scary and super overwhelming, what does this mean for us? Surely it’s our responsibility to not only be kinder to our bodies, but we need to be kinder to the environment too.  After all… it’s what we will leave behind for our kids. Look, I’d like to be in control of every little thing that enters this house, but who honestly has time to check every single ingredient list of every single product they buy?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Alas… there is actually an e-commerce store that does ALL of this FOR you… Imagine that?

They have gone as far as to source and approve products that are earth, animal AND people friendly.  This means that they personally check EVERY ingredient on EVERY product that they stock.  Every single thing that you buy from their fantastic online store has their seal of approval. They have a hardcore Ingredients Policy that basically promises you, the customer, that everything they sell is 100% natural.

Faithful to Nature not only has a fabulous online store that stocks close to 12,000 organic; natural; food; health; beauty; body; kids; lifestyle & home products, there are so many cool features to this site!  From their Loyalty Program, their weekly newsletter and gift vouchers etc!  They post or courier to Namibia (Faithful to Nature recommends using courier services). Super easy online purchasing and a super friendly & helpful after-sales service!

So… Hold on to your horses honeys… Faithful to Nature has launched a fabulous competition that could win you a packed hamper worth N$40,000.00.  Yes… 40K’s worth of all natural products! All you have to do is submit your e-mail address and you automatically qualify for 3 entries! Share the comp with your friends on social media and Boom!  More entries! It’s that easy!

You should hurry though, as the competition closes at midnight on 21 July 2017! Be sure to check out the T’s & C’s too.  Comp is open to residents of Southern Africa.

It’s as easy as clicking on this link to enter >  Faithful to Nature Competition

Share the competition link above with your friends!  If they enter using the link, YOU qualify for more entries!

Hamba-wena.. get on over to their site and have a look-see.. I promise that you WILL see something you want and need!  After all… you owe it to yourself, your family and the earth!

Faithful to Nature Online Store

Now say thank you

Shut Eye




“O Sleep, Sleep, wherefore art thou Sleep? Deny thy children and refuse my name; or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I’ll no longer be so damn tired”

Okay.. okay.. so that’s not how the story goes.  It’s my version.  My sleep deprived, exhausted, running on caffeine and personality version.

I honestly thought we would be past the worst by now.  The trips are almost 1 year old (ONE…. Freaking ONE…  We made it!) and I was hoping we’d get the sleep thing right by now.

We’re doing it all… naps during the day vs awake time; a very strict daily routine; enough stimulation; a very calm & relaxed night time routine; enough food; enough milk; enough burping; enough blankets; plenty of love and cuddles.

Just as we exit a growth spurt, we enter a sleep regression or another tooth coming in.  It’s almost like an old LP that’s stuck on the same tune.

Sleep has become like a foreign currency in our household.  I’ve made peace with it.  I no longer fool myself by thinking “It’s going to be a good night” I prepare myself from the get-go… “Shitty night of sleep loading.”  The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can move on.

I’ve lied for sleep.  Yes. LIED.  I.have.lied.to.my.husband.  Not intentionally, it was the Tired Me, I promise.  (I have no shame.. .I know)  The Hubs is such a trooper.  We usually make turns every night by alternating who gets up for each and every cry.  Some nights we’re just too exhausted.  Other nights you pretend not to hear the baby monitor and the same person gets up 3 consecutive times.  Said person then loses it when they get up for the 4th time in a row and then the little white lies start… “But I’ve been up 10 times, it’s your turn”.. or “I’ve been up since 00:00, I just need some sleep”.

Look… it’s what we have to do for now to get by.  I don’t believe in “sleep training” or “controlled crying” or “crying it out”… respect to those parents who have tried it and for who it has worked.  But there will be none of that under this roof.  Our babies spent way too long in hospital where they cried and could not be picked up, by us or any of the wonderful NICU nurses.

If it means that I have to get up 200 times a night for the next 2 years, I will.  It will get better, I know it will.

So for now, I will pick up, cuddle, console and love these little babies through every night of their lives.. even if it means that I get by on minimal sleep; an unhealthy daily dose of caffeine and little white lies of course 🙂


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