Is it my turn yet?

I sent a very dramatic voice note on WhatsApp to a friend today. And I only realised how dramatic it was, once I listened to it on playback.

Long story short, I was basically in tears as our smallest of the triplets is sick. Again.

Seems like they have just been sick CONSTANTLY since they started half-day daycare 3 weeks ago.

Daddy has a fishing trip next weekend with his friends & colleagues starting next Thursday to Sunday. He gets 3 nights away from home without any responsibility! Am I wrong to be jealous??

The deal was, that I also get a wee bit of “me time” in exchange for the 3 days of freedom that Daddy gets on this fishing trip.

So, Daddy was going to take the triplets to go visit granny & grandpa, for one night, so I could get a minute to breathe.

(Three 2yr olds are hard work yo).

I even arranged for awesome teenager to sleep over at a friends house for the night.

Now normally, when I have “me time” (which has happened 3 times in the past 27 months), I just stay at home, catch up on some series that I recorded, have copious amounts of red wine and sleep in.

This time, I actually planned a night out with one of my besties, attending the friggen Octoberfest! So if you don’t know… Octoberfest is a BIG damn deal in 061!

Well… since Murphy occupies a room in our rather crowded house, it was rather obvious that something or someone would stick a hypothetical spanner in the works.

Turns out our smallest “I prayed for your survival”-boy, is sick.

And NOTHING in this world matters more to me than our kids’ health.

So… I will be putting the outfit (false eyelashes.. it’s all I could find that fit) that I had planned for the night,  away… and spend Friday night with precious little sick boy, whilst daddy takes the 2 healthier ones away.

I must admit… I’m rather excited, as our once “I just need you Mommy” boy has become so damn independent, that I just pray for some quality cuddle time with him.

When he is sick, he just wants me. (The thought of this, is gratification at its best)

One day we will be rewarded for our sacrifices. But it’s just not today… and that’s ok.

#momlife #ireallyneedabreak #wedothisoutoflove #iregretnothing #iloveyoubabyboo


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