It’s a Mom thing

We all have a mutual understanding between us.  Us Moms.  “Me time” is like the forbidden word that may not be uttered.  We dare not say it out loud.  Ever.  Just in case someone else feels like we don’t deserve it.  Or that we don’t Mom hard enough to be entitled to time for ourselves.  Or maybe it’s because we feel guilty wanting time for ourselves.  Or that we’re such control freaks that we won’t allow anyone else to take the hypothetical wheel and take charge, “cause no one knows my baby like I do”.

On Wednesday (out of the blue), Hubs offered to take the kids to go visit their grandparents for the weekend. (Side Note:  Hubs has an annual fishing guy trip coming up in August, so he’s collecting brownie points… just saying) Even though we had plans on Saturday to take the Trips to go see Lollos live at the Rock ‘n Run event… I jumped at the chance.  (Screw Lollos, we’ll just buy them another DVD)

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  With a bout of Mom Flu (It’s like Man Flu, except no one gives a damn) and a hectic work schedule, I really needed a break.  As much as I tried to contain my excitement on Wednesday evening when Hubs offered, my face literally lit up and I know that he noticed it. Bless his heart.

So, excitement in tow, I chatted to a few other moms at work during the course of the day today and blurted out my plans for the weekend… which was absolutely nothing.

I have & made no plans.

I chatted about how I just wanted to take a long bath for at least an hour, shave for the first time since December holidays, SLEEEEEEEP, eat junk, no routine, watch my recorded shows on TV really loud (not as loud as our obnoxious neighbour watches TV though).

Just. Be.

The best part about sharing my nothing plans with said moms was that They Got It.  They legitimately got the nothing part.  They got the lying in the bath for an hour part.  They got the sleeeeep part. They got the junk eating part.  They were just as excited as I was.  Because they get it. Me time is like a rare commodity when you’re a parent.  So moms get it.  It’s a mom thing.  It’s what connects us. Spiritually & emotionally.

So for the next 48 hours I’m rebelling against routine. Against toddler-proofing. Against blinds that are always only halfway drawn because The Trips keep fudging them up. I’ll go to bed late.  I’ll sleep in tomorrow morning.  I’ll eat a whole bowl of Nik Naks by myself without sharing AND I will lick my fingers afterwards.

Also, I’m leaving my empty wine glass on the coffee table.

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