Yes… I know it’s been a while.

Yes, I also know in order for any lifestyle blog to be successful, one needs to post quite regularly. Like every day. But life happens. It happens so quickly that I am so scared I miss it. Our kids are growing up so rapidly that I am just trying to take everything in, before it’s over.

So, this post is aimed at our life right now. Nothing major happening, yet so many fabulous things, so I’ll provide an update for each family member.

Teenager Girl Child

She started exams last week. Like Grade 8 exams. This means when she’s finished with exams in 2 weeks, she’ll just have 4 years left of high school.

I am just not ready to deal!

She has so much ambition. So many dreams for her future. Her goal for this year was/is to achieve a grade average of 80% for the year. No rewards, no special treatment.. that is what she wants for herself.

I mean… wow.

She has butterflied into an extraordinary young lady who knows EXACTLY what she wants for herself. She is incredibly goal driven, incredibly intelligent and incredibly beautiful… to the point that I die a little on the inside when I have to let her out of our house. Be it for school, a date (with an incredible young gentleman whom I’ve grown to adore, but am not allowed to mention or show it), or for sunday school. She amazes me.

Triplets – First Born, our little champ Christian

Two days ago, this little guy decided that he ain’t leopard crawling no more and has just been crawling EVERYWHERE. Before that it was a bit of crawling and leopard crawling for the most part. Two days ago he also decided that he would finally stand up against things/furniture all by himself. We’ve been taking him to weekly physio sessions for the last 2 months as it was almost like his feet/ankle muscles have grown stiff in a horizontal position due to always being on his tummy/leopard crawling. He has 6 teeth, eats everything and is also starting to sleep so much better! (Yay!) He’s developed a bit of a temper, or should I rather say.. irritability with his sister 😜

Triplets – Second Born, our CareBear MJ

Our little snuggle bunny MJ is standing and dancing like it’s nobody’s business. He is so enthusiastic about every little thing, especially pasta, a sip of daddy’s beer, bubbles and plastic bowls and wooden spoons. He has 8 teeth, also eats everything (and so neatly might I add) and sleeps right through the night on most nights, with the exception of a few 3am “night calls” to come sleep between mommy & daddy. He adores cuddles, viennas and sticking his finger in belly buttons then laughing like he just discovered treasure. Our little snuggle bunny.

Triplets – Last Born, our little “Oorlogskippie”

I probably don’t have enough time or space to elaborate on this little firecracker. She is so much of me that it scares me. EXTRA ALL.THE.TIME, happy, passionate, loud and so busy that she exhausts all of us! She has 4 teeth, is almost walking, is so petite still and tends to end up as the dirtiest of all 3 at the end of the day, every day. She hates dresses; frilly, girly outfits; hates having her face cleaned or hair washed (yet loves a very long bath) and hates not getting ALL of the attention. She also eats everything, only to spit it out in her hand when it’s too chunky for her liking & then “painting” her feet with it under her feeding chair table where she thinks “I won’t notice”. She went from being our good sleeper to waking up a minimum of 3 times per night. I adore this little ray of sunshine to the ends of the earth.

The Hubs – Our Rock

While I tend to keep him out of my posts as he hates social media, I will give an update about him too.

Not sure if everyone knows, but we work for the same company. He recently ventured out on his own as an adviser after working with his dad for a couple of years.

I am so incredibly proud of him. He has been working so hard and as a bonus, he loves what he does for a living! (That makes me incredibly happy!)

I honestly don’t know if a better, more loving, more involved, more supportive dad & husband exists in this world. Yes, I understand that your husband is great too, but mine takes the cake 🤗

It’s his birthday on Wednesday and I simply can’t wait. Coz let’s face it, I’m totes cray-cray for making my people feel special on their birthdays.

As for me… I am healthy, I am blessed and I am so damn content. Also… 37 sleeps till our family vacation at the coast!!



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